Click on the button below to see a short video on the restoration of our 1929 Peerless. Special thanks to our super talented son-in-law, Griffin Partilla, who created this fantastic video. And to the star of the show, our grand-daughter Lorelei, cheers to the next generation who love great historic cars!


Featured on the nationally syndicated TV show "Daytime" with our 1930 Packard

A few of the cars we have been working on...

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For Sale
1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

4 door sedan

Original miles: 35752. Car was recently serviced and lubed. Runs well.

Asking $11,700 / OBO

Contact: Brando Pistorius   (813) 917-9205

Ford Motor Company was struggling after World War II, with Chrysler Corporation having surpassed Ford’s overall sales as well as general disorder in the company. By 1949, though, this had mostly been sorted out.

The all-new 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan rode on a 125-inch wheelbase and cost anywhere from $3,186 to $3,948, but a smaller “Standard” Lincoln shared the Mercury body shell and had a shorter 121-inch wheelbase. It was priced from $2,527 to $3,116. Prices were broadly similar to Cadillac and Packard, the primary competition.

To replace the old trouble-prone 292 cubic inch V-12, Ford had to reach into their very limited engine resources to source a heavy-truck flathead V-8 engine that was redeveloped as the new Lincoln V-8 for 1949. The new V-8 in Lincoln tune produced 152 hp from 336.7 cubic inches. A Hydramatic automatic transmission, procured from archrival GM, was optional at extra cost, for the simple reason that Ford had not yet been able to develop an automatic transmission.



1995 Porsche 911 Carrera

Only 77,767 miles and 4 brand-new tires!

Recent servicing, runs great, automatic transmission.

The Porsche 911 is a two-door 2+2 high-performance rear-engine sports car. It has a rear-mounted flat-six engine, torsion bar suspension, and the engine is air-cooled.

Improvements to the familiar 3.6-liter flat-six engine boost power from 247 to 270 hp (still at 6100 rpm) and make the 1995 Carrera an under-five-seconds-to-60 sports car.


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