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1931 Lagonda

Low Chassis Supercharged Touring

​2 litre engine, 1954cc, 60 bhp @ 3500 rpm, 3100 lbs.

This car has been in the same family for over 60 years. It was not running for many years until brought to Old Wheel Restorations, where we brought her back to life. But she is still under restoration, so watch below the progress as we bring her  back to her former glory

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From Barn Find to Chairman's Award Winner at the Lake Mirror Concours D'Elegance

By: Joanne & Brando Pistorius, Tampa, FL, www.OldWheel.com

 Any car person who loves the roaring '20s era knows what you mean when you refer to the "3 P's." It is an acronym for the most popular of the high end cars of the late '20s - Packard, Pierce-Arrow and Peerless. But would you be surprised to know that Peerless is the most rare of the 3? Having been in production for only 30 years, today there are less than 350 Peerless automobiles known to exist. Would you also be surprised to hear that Peerless even outsold Packard in 1920? Yes, it is a fact. But interestingly, Peerless is the only company of the "3 P's" that did not go out of business. The Board of Directors of Peerless made the business decision in 1931 to cease manufacturing automobiles and change their manufacturing plant into a brewery for Carling Black Label Beer. They made one car as their swan song, a 1932 V16 aluminum bodied Peerless currently housed in the Crawford Museum in Ohio. With the end of Prohibition, and the advent of the Great Depression, sadly this was a smart business decision after all. Fine automobiles struggled to survive the challenges of the Depression and WWII.

This 1929 Peerless Sedan was a virtual "barn find" when Brando and Joanne Pistorius found it in Valparaiso, Indiana. This car was bought in a collection of five by the owner who had parked them in his barn for the past 25 years. Prior to that, they had been well kept in Pound, Virginia, as part of the Dexter Dotson Collection for over 30 years. After Mr. Dotson passed away in 1991, his widow put the collection up for sale. It was only after the buyers closed their deal for these five Peerless' did they come to realize that they were actually cousins to the Dotson's!

 This 1929 Peerless Sedan is a Model Six-81, one of eight known to exist, and the only one with unique steel "artillery" wheels. While Mr. Dotson gave it a complete restoration over 30 years ago, current owner Brando Pistorius recently completed a partial restoration that came out just beautiful. The mohair interior was intact and in good condition, but the paint and chrome needed to be completely redone. Brando also made certain that the mechanical and electrical condition of the car would be in excellent running condition. The Pistorius are known for their touring and do not shirk from driving their beauties. They once drove their 1930 Packard from Tampa, Florida, to Montreal, Canada (over 4,000 miles in 23 days).

This 1929 Peerless is a 4-door Sedan with a Continental 6-cylinder engine, 66hp, 248.3 cubic inches, 116" wheel base. A roomy 5-passenger car with footrest in the back, handrail that holds a Peerless embroidered blanket, 3 new pull down shades for privacy and a mounted bud vase. The rear mounted spare wheel and 5 new whitewall tires complete the look of real distinction and class for this historic vehicle. 

We are full service restoration experts who renovate extraordinary cars to their original glory, with great attention to detail and authenticity. Our expertise is in mechanical, body, electrical, interior, exterior and accessories. From Horseless Carriages to Hot-Rods, our show quality detailing of your exterior, interior and engine compartment will amaze you!

1923 Jordan Model MX

Mr. Ed Jordan, Owner

"This Jordan, Model MX, automobile was sold to Louis H. Krieter, through the Hudson/Essex dealership, in Chicago, on January 20, 1923. At the age of 52, Mr. Krieter paid $2670 to purchase the vehicle. Over the next 16 years, he drove the Jordan automobile 60,000 miles in and around the Chicago metro area. In 1939, at the age of 68, he parked the Jordan automobile in his garage, for the last time.

Mr. Krieter passed away in 1947, leaving the vehicle to his daughter (Francis W. Krieter). She was 41 years old in 1947 and did not have a driver’s license.

I was able to purchase this 1923 Jordan sedan in March 1971.
In May 1971, and after 32 years in storage, the Jordan automobile was back on the road. Two years later, the 50-year-old motor developed a “knock” while returning from a car show some 80 miles away from home. The motor was rebuilt in 1974, and by that time my daughter was two (2) years old. Over the next five years, the vehicle saw very few miles. Due to several life changes (birth of a child, career changes, building a house, saving for daughter’s college, etc.),
the Jordan automobile has not been started in over 40 years. I am ready to have it made road-worthy again."

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A 2 Year Restoration comes to the end, this 1950 Riley had its debut at the Gasparilla Concours d'Elegance!

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