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We preserve history through the restoration of unique and rare vehicles (classic, antique, vintage, all collectibles cars. We offer our expertise in restoration services to clients, in addition to the sales of our fine cars.

We understand and support the preservation of vintage cars of all types and eras. Our specialty is 1900-1980's, particularly the pre-war classics.

We are full service restoration experts who renovate extraordinary cars to their original glory, then sell these fine vehicles to collectors and car enthusiasts all over the world. We search for classic cars and exceptional automobiles that are uncommon and beautiful.

Please visit our "Cars For Sale"  and "Restoration Services" pages for more on how we can work together with you to get these great pieces of history on the road again.

You know... cars were built to be driven!

Here is the 1930 Pa
ckard we drove alone 4,000 miles in 23 days (Tampa, Florida  to Montreal, Canada and back)


The famous "3 P's" ... our
1927 Peerless, 1929 Pierce-Arrow and 1930 Packard


Are you a member of a Rotary Club? Then you can join the ACHAFR (Antique, Classic & Historic Automobile Fellowship of ROTARIANS) Meet fellow car enthusiasts from around the world who share your love of the oldest international community service organization- Rotary International.

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Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Tampa- Hyde Park for over 20 years!
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